Elif Öngüt™
Architectural Design: Tectonics
Project Title: Hortus Conclusus
Jan-May 2017 Edinburgh, UK

My final degree project took place at a colliery outside of Edinburgh, where the site of intervention was a 600-meters deep coal mine. We conducted geological studies to understand and speculate not only about the soil properties above ground, but also below ground. The ground level revealed a natural phenomenon widely encountered in Scotland. The accumulation and decomposition of rocks adjacent to collieries form a small artificial mountain called a ‘bing’, where over time, endemic moss species grow. The subterranean on the other hand, revealed that the colliery is sitting on top of a network of aquifer bodies. In response to these conditions, I developed a proposal for a glass house, herbarium and an aquifer treatment plant in symbiotic relationship. The design process was deeply driven by material experimentation with metal.

Cargo Collective, Inc.